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19M Pilot Vessel


Bay Marine Electronics is proud to supply the electronics package for the Taranaki Pilot Boat “Mikotahi”. The system is based around 4 main touch screens – 3 15″ Garmin GPSMAP 8015 MFD’s plus a Maretron TSM800C Touch screen for alarm system managment. The alarm and navigation system shares a NMEA2000 backbone – meaning the maximum amount of information is shared between the two systems. In practical terms, this means the Vessel data recorder on the Maretron system can track all of the Navigation parameters – Speed over Ground, Rudder Angle, Depth etc,  as well as the ease of having all of the Maretron information easilly displayed on any of the Garmin displays – such as tank level information, engine RPM and fuel usage.

Also on the NMEA2000 network, and controlled by the 8000 series touchscreens is the Fusion Stereo and GHP12 Autopilot. Full Autopilot control has been limited to the two helm screens, and allows for MOB integration, so in the event of someone going overboard full concentration can be given to spotting the victim, rather than steering the boat. The Garmin GHP12 autopilot works flawlessly with the twin Jet set up, even when given a complicated path from the touch screen helm.

In addition to having the NMEA2000 Network capability, there is also extensive integration using the Garmin Marine Network. Radar, Depth Sounder, Chartplotters and Touch Screen Control of the FLIR Camera is available at any of the 3 GPSMAP8015 displays. The 4 cameras onboard are recorded and video can be later viewed or saved using the boats PC, which is displayed on the pilots GPSMAP 8015 screen.

The two Icom M504 VHF Radios both have Command Mics attached, effectivly making a 4 station installation while using only 2 radios and antennas. Further helm space was saved by also utilising the Hailer function within the M504 instead of a separate hailer. But the VHF icing is the custom made stalk microphone which is mounted on the dash – used for both VHF and Hailer input.