Garmin GPSMAP 7416xsv

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Sometimes there’s no substitute for size.

The 7400 series has proved itself to be a very capable package while being easy to install and use. The 16″ screen is absolutely fantastic. Either have one massive screen or easilly split the screen up to 4 ways.

Bear in mind if you are intending on bracket mounting these units, the bracket is extra!

Also don’t forget to add a transducer, charts and external GPS (sometimes required if flush mounting into aluminum) – check the accessories tab below.


The 16″ multi touch widescreen GPSMAP 7416xsv includes built-in dual 1kW CHIRP fish finder plus CHIRP Downvu and CHIRP Sidevu scanning sonar for  the clearest images on the water. In addition the sounder can be used on 50/77/200 kHz for use with existing transducers. Internal 10 Hz GPS updates your position and heading 10 times per second.

Fully network capable, including Garmin marine network, NMEA0183 and NMEA 2000 (radar, autopilot, instruments, multiple screens, FUSION-Link, sensors, black box sonar, digital switching, thermal cameras, GRID and more), GPSMAP 7416xsv also offers built in wifi for connecting smart phones and tablets.

Powerful built in sounder

The built in sounder includes 1 kW dual CHIRP fish finding, the most sophisticated sonar technology available for the serious fisherman. It also includes both CHIRP Downvu and CHIRP Sidevu scanning sonar that provide nearly photographic sonar images of fish and structure that passes below and to the sides of your boat. This model also boasts the new 260kHz Sidevu frequency which provides detailed images out to 200M away from the transducer. Also supported are 50 kHz/200 kHz, 77 kHz/200 kHz and Minn Kota and MotorGuide trolling motor transducers (transducers sold separately).

Complete Network flexibility

GPSMAP 7416xsv supports radar, autopilot, instruments, multiple screens, FUSION-Link stereos, NMEA2000 tank level sensors, remote sonar modules, digital switching, FLIR thermal cameras, GRID controllers and more. The unit is backwards compatible with NMEA0183, allowing you to send routes to older autopilots, or interface with existing AIS units and wind instruments.

GPSMAP 7416xsv allows you to share features and options with other GPSMAP units, such as radar, charts and user data, including waypoints, routes and tracks. User data entered into one chartplotter can automatically appear on the other units on the network.

Add  Radar

You can add your choice of any Garmin Marine Radar – advanced features such as radar overlay are standard, or you can add an autopilot or heading sensor for full MARPA functionality

Heading, Position Refreshed 10 Times per Second

Smooth and fast 10 Hz GPS refreshes your position and heading 10 times each second to make your movement on the screen more fluid. Particularly noticeable when trying to get right on your favourite fishing spot!

Advanced Sailing Features

Supported sailing features include laylines, on-chart wind directions, heading and course lines, true wind data fields and tide/current/time slider. Racing features include pre race guidance, synchronised race timer, virtual starting line, time to burn and lay line data fields. Gauge displays are designed to provide important  information at a glance, including true and apparent wind angle, set and drift, true or apparent wind speed, horizontal or vertical graphs, and a data bar with customizable data fields.

Compatible with gWind Transducers

gWind, gWind Wireless and gWind Race transducers feature twin-fin technology with 3-bladed propeller – Technology developed by Nexus in true racing environments for reliablity and accuracy.

Add more with BlueChart g2 Vision

With the optional BlueChart g2 Vision you can add a number of features such as MarinerEye view and FishEye view to provide a 3D perspective, both above and below the waterline. High-resolution satellite images and aerial photographs help orient you in unfamiliar areas. Auto Guidance technology creates a safe route you can actually follow — one that avoids obstacles, shallow water, buoys and other obstructions

FUSION-Link Entertainment System

Enjoy the ability to control all compatible FUSION-Link-enabled audio systems directly from your compatible chartplotter display, essentially making a massive touchscreen remote!

View, Control Your Device from a Smartphone or Tablet

Garmin’s Active Captain app allows you to view and control the GPSMAP 7416 from a compatible smartphone or tablet. It can also be used to transfer waypoints and route planning from home.



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