Garmin GSD 24 Digital Sounder

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Garmin have really nailed it with this one!!  We have trialled a GSD24 at Mayor Island knolls, and with only a 600w thru hull bronze transducer it easily reached 500m clearly.  When you add a 1Kw transducer and connect this sounder module to any Garmin network screen, it will perform better than any other system I have yet to see at this price.  It has all the extra menu features you would expect to see in a $5000 stand alone sounder.


The Garmin GSD 24 features a much better digital sonar design for amazing target definition and deep-water performance.

Get the Whole Picture

With up to 2 kilowatts of transmit power and a high-dynamic range receiver, the GSD 24 is an impressive addition to your compatible Garmin chartplotter. The system is dual frequency (50 & 200 kHz) and offers selectable transmit power (600 W, 1 kW and 2 kW, depending on transducer) for pin-point accuracy at depths of up to 1500M.  Whether you’re out sportfishing or just keeping an eye on hazardous terrain and reef structures beneath your boat, you’ll see a clearer picture with enhanced separation of images and deeper bottom detection.

Plug and Play

Thanks to the easy connectivity of the Garmin marine network, installation of the GSD 24 is a super easy.  Once connected, your sonar data will be shared on any compatible chartplotter on the network.  Plus, the network’s high-speed connections ensure that you get ultra-fast screen updates with minimal delay.

GSD 24: See what you’ve been missing.

Wide Compatibility

The GSD 24 is compatible with a wide range of Garmin chartplotters:

4000 and 5000 Series – eg GPSMAP 4010, GPSMAP 5012

6000 and 7000 Series – eg GPSMAP 6012, GPSMAP 7012

8000 Series – eg GPSMAP 8008

7400 Series – eg GPSMAP 7410

752xs and 952xs

The GSD24 is not compatible with GPSMAP 700, 800, 1000 series (eg GPSMAP 820, GPSMAP 1020).




Installation Instructions

GSD 24 Transducer Adapter Installation Instructions

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