Garmin GSD 26 Chirp Sounder


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CHIRP sounders have been around for a while but were normally reserved for survey or other commercial work due to their huge cost. They work by sending a much longer “ping” and varying its pitch while transmitting. The results are outstanding, with amazing target definition and depth capability. Requires a compatible transducer that can work with the spread spectrum techology. For serious fisherman who can use the extra ability to identify species.

Check out the photos above of the GSD26 with a TM265LH at Mayor Island. In one case it was still reading the bottom at 500m on  HIGH CHIRP at 17knts!!! Comments about each shot are down the bottom of the photo.

There is no two ways around it. This is the best sounder we sell.


The GSD 26 digital sonar ushers in the next evolution of sportfishing technology, providing unrivaled target separation at far greater depths than traditional sonar.

Discover Spread Spectrum Clarity

For serious deep-sea sportfishing, the GSD 26 takes high-definition targeting to a whole new level. With a compatible transducer, the GSD 26’s Spread Spectrum technology scans on multiple frequencies at one time, returning vast amounts of data to the receiver. As a result, you can expect precise, shallow-water-like target separation at much greater depths – up to 3000M.

A traditional fixed frequency mode allows you to manually adjust frequencies from 25 kHz to 210 kHz for enhanced targeting of specific fish species. You can also adjust transmit power from 300 W to 3 kW (depending on transducer) for even more control over your sonar returns.

Get Two Sonars in One

The GSD 26’s dual-transceiver design allows for simultaneous and independent transducer operation. You have complete control over the data you see on your compatible Garmin chartplotter, which easily connects to the GSD 26 over the Garmin Marine Network.

GSD 26: Serious sonar. For serious fishing.


Installation Instructions

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