Garmin inReach SE+ Rental: 7-Day




The Garmin inReach devices have been extremely popular, but we’ve come across a number of instances where the setup and hardware costs are too high for customers doing ocean crossings or a couple of weeks in the bush. So now we have started offering a rental option for customers who just want to get all the benefits of worldwide satellite communication without the outlay costs!

This 7-day contract includes 4-hour tracking intervals so your loved ones can monitor where you are, as well as including 14 messages, so you can stay in touch from where ever you are. If you think you will need more messages during your rental period, just let us know. Messages will be charged at $0.85 per message over.

To get the best out of this unit, you will need to download the Earthmate App on your smartphone and pair it with the inReach via Bluetooth

* Please note! These rental devices are very popular! Please get in touch with us 30 days before your trip to confirm availability. Your rental booking with us is confirmed once you have returned our required rental forms.

If you would like to rent an inReach product please contact us via email


Venturing off the grid doesn’t mean you have to be completely out of reach – as long as you’re carrying an inReach SE+ or inReach Explorer+. Specially designed for the outdoor enthusiast, these handheld satellite communicators are designed so you can stay in touch with family and loved ones while out of range of typical cell-phone coverage, whether it be in the mountains or out at sea. Garmin inReach provides communication, location sharing, navigation and critical SOS functions for anyone who loves getting away from it all, on land, water or in the skies.

Explore Anywhere. Coverage Everywhere.
Using the worldwide coverage of the Iridium satellite network, these go-anywhere portable devices let you exchange text messages with any cell phone number or email address anywhere – while using GPS to track and share your journey’s progress. You can also post to social media or even communicate inReach-to-inReach in the field.


In case of an at-risk situation, you can also use inReach to trigger an SOS to the 24/7 monitoring center, text back and forth about the nature of your emergency, and receive confirmation when help is on the way.


No Cell Tower? No Service? No Problem.
inReach SE+ and Explorer+ give you all the tools to stay totally connected. You don’t have to worry about being within range of a cell tower – or encountering spotty coverage in fringe zones or blackout areas. Your inReach communicator works anywhere and everywhere – so you’re never out of range, never out of reach.

Track and Share Your Wereabouts
Turn on the tracking function of your inReach SE+ or Explorer+ communicator to let family and friends follow your progress on a computer or mobile device, using the web-based MapShare® portal. The inReach device will send waypoints at preprogrammed time intervals, so followers can track your whereabouts online. You can also invite your crew back home to use MapShare to ping your inReach unit and see your GPS location, track your movements and exchange messages during your trip.