Here it is at last__

Transducers on the consumer market have always operated by sending a signal or series of signals into the water, waiting for those signals to return to the transducer, and then the data received is turned into a series of sonar images. However, these images are historical images. The images are always what was under the boat and not what is currently under the boat. 

Panoptix changes that. The Panoptix transducers deliver a real time moving image; what you see is exactly what is under your boat at any given moment. Since Panoptix transducers can do real time scanning, our charplotters can even show a 3D moving image of what is under or forward of the boat.



This is a revolutionary new transducer from Garmin. With the Panoptix you get sonar type images of what is below the boat in either LiveVu down, RealVu 3d down or RealVu 3d historical. You will have the ability to see all around bebeath the boat in real time. Will fit most current models and comes with S/ware update card to get all these new fantastic options.