Markfish MKI

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These devices allow you to mark a waypoint on your Furuno fishfinder and have it appear on another brands chartplotter.

Have a look at the compatibility list in the downloads section to see if it will work with yours.


Mark your fish targets with a single button press.

Markfish will enable a single button press to make a waypoint or “Mark” on any brand of GPS or marine multi-function display.
This waypoint will be given a name, display the GPS coordinates of the current location, and will be automatically saved for later reference.

The output of the Markfish connects the NMEA 0183 port on FurunoTM FCV585, FCV620, FCV587, FCV627, FCV588, FCV628, FCV295 or FCV1150 to any brand of GPS.  It will even work with future models of GPS that only have NMEA 2000 using an easy to purchase NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 adapter.


Additional Feature – External Waypoint button input:

The Markfish has an extra Waypoint trigger input which allows you to place a Waypoint button anywhere on your boat! That way you don’t need to run to your fish finder to press the mark button when you see a school of fish, or an item of interest. So, even if your fish finder can already talk to your GPS, this feature alone makes it worth getting a Markfish.

Lowrance Wiring Diagram

Garmin Wiring Diagram

Raymarine Wiring Diagram

Compatibility List