TMQ AP4 Autopilot

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These are great commercial grade Autopilots without lots bells and whistles that you don’t need. Renowned for their reliability and ease of use. If you already have one of these on your vessel and need repairs or assistance please contact us as I’m sure we can be of assistance. We also carry most common spares in stock as well.


The TMQ AP4 was designed with simplicity in mind. It features large rotary knobs for selecting the mode, sensitivity and course. As part of the TMQ range of autopilots, the AP4 can grow with your shipping needs. It can be interfaced to a GPS, active remote, panel remote or hand remote. In this way control stations can be positioned to provide maximum versatitlity. Features Course Changing.

A course change is made by simply rotating the course knob to the desired course, indicated on the display. Rudder Setting. The control allows adjustment of the autopilot to suit the physical characteristics of your your vessel. Current setting is displayed by control position. Watch Alarm. A safety feature that can alert the officer on duty to check vessel performance. The watch can be set for up to 60 minutes. Drive Limits. Front panel adjustments are provided to calibrate the autopilot to the vessel in setting rudder travel. This is used to protect electronic parts from overload situations, ensuring long-term reliability of the autopilot system.